Edmonton, Canada – 2015

We went to Canada!

As this blog starts to gain longevity, it has given me the desire to move some past travel posts to this new blog for a more complete record of our times together. This post was from 2015, about 5 months after Zach and I got married, and was posted on a different blog.  I will be moving some of those other posts to this blog gradually over time.

We visited Banff National Park in Alberta, and it was one of the most incredible places I have been. The mountains were breathtaking and the lake we visited was gorgeous.


Since we went in the winter, most of the trails were closed and some of the roads were too treacherous for driving to make it to other lakes in the park, but this one was such a rewarding place.


If I ever get the chance to visit again, I would like to spend more time at the National Park and just enjoy the outdoors. The mountain air was so pure and wonderful.


The red chairs we found are actually symbolic of the most scenic places in the parks in Canada. Finding the chairs is a fun challenge and lets you know when you have stumbled onto a view not many people get to see.


I always feel most at home in mountain areas. I love the mountains but also the trees and the rivers. This one was so pretty with the blue water and the roar of the water despite the ice. The river was fairly close to downtown Banff (which is in the middle of the park) so it is pretty easy to find.


The mountains surround the cozy downtown and made me feel a bit like I was in Whoville from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It’s always fun to see a little magic in places!

snowy cute

While visiting we made many side stops just to get out in the cool air and enjoy the snow. One of the cutest places was a tiny gas station that also rented little chalets. We were able to stop in to get warm and to enjoy some yummy chocolates!


Do you have any favorite places or recommendations for Canadian adventures?

Much love,




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