Big Bend National Park – 2016

Big Bend National Park was one of our favorite stops during our 1st anniversary!

Finally at Big Bend!

Big Bend is famous for its delicate and diverse ecosystems. There were so many signs about staying on trails, not touching plants, and not to take any dirt. We followed the rules and only stayed on the roads this trip. We didn’t get a chance to hike much, as we were ill prepared. Bringing LOTS of water is recommended and we didn’t feel comfortable with the amount we had to go out into the wilderness.

Before we had a selfie stick…
Being in the desert was an experience I did not think I would like at all, and then ended up loving. I enjoyed every second in the wilderness.


The plants were incredible, the animals were amazing, and the landscape was gorgeous.

Blustery Day
Mule’s Ears
Mexico is just on the other side of the canyon!

While in the park, we drove down to the Rio Grande and got to technically see Mexico! It was very cool seeing a landmark I had only read about. 10/10 definitely recommend.

I would love to take a return trip to do more hiking! What would you recommend if we returned?

Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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