Yellowstone National Park: Day 2

Our second day in Yellowstone was filled with traditional sight-seeing and mild mountain climbing!

During our second day at Yellowstone, we arose early (as we would everyday) to set forth on our journey to explore the Southeastern part of the park.


Avalanche Peak Hike

We hiked our first major hike ever! It was so incredible I wrote a post just for that hike. 🙂 be sure to check it out!


The hike did take up quite a bit of our morning, but it was definitely worth it.

Zach and I at the summit.

Canyon Village

On our way to Avalanche Peak, we stopped at Artist Point to get an early morning view of the falls.

At the tip of Artist Point look out.

This was turned out to be the best idea as we only saw a total of 15 people at Artist Point since it was so early. We even heard birds chirping over the distant roar of the waterfall.

River flowing to the crest of the canyon.

After our hike, we went to the Upper Falls. This was so incredible! There is a paved/gravel hike that switchbacks down to 2 observation points at different levels of the falls. This means that the trip down is a breeze, but climbing back up can be a bit of a struggle.

On the edge of the canyon!


We were so close to the waterfall!
Looking into the canyon.

After Upper Falls, we of course drove over to Lower Falls. This area has way less traffic as the views are less spectacular but still beautiful.

Natural pillars deeper in the canyon close to Lower Falls.
Looking into the canyon. Lower falls is just out of sight.

The canyon is truly incredible! We really enjoyed seeing the color variety of the soil and the green river rushing through the canyon.

Mud Volcanoes

After hiking to mountain tops and deep into canyons, we got to explore the mud volcanoes!

Unfortunately, I did not get many pictures, but it was so cool! I think the mud pots and mud volcanoes were some of my favorite parts of the trip. They are so much fun to watch.

Zach and I at Dragon’s Mouth it sounded like a dragon roaring!

We really enjoyed our second day in Yellowstone and, like always, can’t wait to go back to explore more. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 3.57.48 PM
Zach and I at Artist Point

Much love,


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Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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