Yellowstone National Park: Day 5

Our last day in Yellowstone!

During our last day in Yellowstone, we decided to take it easy. We went back to some of our favorite spots and checked out some of the less visited areas.


  • Yellowstone Lake
  • Old Faithful Lodge

Yellowstone Lake

Since we had gone to all the other visitor centers, we decided to check out the last one on our list at Yellowstone Lake. This visitor center is located on the North side of the lake somewhat close to the lake house styled lodge.

One thing that was enjoyable about the park is that each visitor center and lodge is completely different depending on where you are in the park. 10/10 for theming!

We enjoyed a slow morning of learning about lake animals and walking along the lake. It was nice to have such a slow day away from most of the crowds in the park.



Old Faithful Lodge

Later that day, we headed back to Old Faithful Lodge. We visited this lodge the most since it was the closest to our campsite and reminded us of the Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter. 🙂

Old Faithful Lodge

The lodge was extra magical because the park was celebrating Christmas in August while we were there. They had caroling, Christmas trees, and a Christmas feast.

In the formal dining room.

We opted for huckleberry lattes (of course) and reading on the lodge’s deck area. The deck turned out to be more than just a deck, as it had the perfect view for Old Faithful!

We really enjoyed being able to relax and just enjoy time in the park. When visiting such a large park like Yellowstone, things can easily become hectic and frustrating due to the amount of people and lack of traffic lanes. With taking a day to relax, we felt like we were preparing for the next stage in our trip: moving to our new home.


Much love,


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Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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