Deception Pass

When asking coworkers what to do over the weekend, I had at least 3 people tell me to go to Deception Pass. Located on Whidbey Island, it is about an hour and a half drive from Seattle, WA. We took a bit longer because we decided to take our time to explore more of the island.

Deception Pass is located between the north part of Whidbey Island and the mainland, somewhat between Deception Pass State Park. To visit the pass, there is no need to enter the park or to pay a fee as it is basically the major road off the island.


There are small, short trails next to the large bridge that allow for spectacular views such as this. Not only did we enjoy the view of the teal water, but we spotted a sea otter floated down the current and swimming back up. We probably watched him for about 30 minutes!



The bridge was incredible and is an easy sight to get to. We loved visiting and can’t wait to take friends and family when they come to visit!

Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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