Yellowstone National Park: Day 1

Yellowstone National Park is always a favorite amongst park-goers. It has ranging sights from geysers to rivers to hot springs to lakes. We loved spending our time here and were able to enjoy each section of the park due to splitting up the park. We loved taking out time to get to know the area and enjoy each part.

**For a reference map be sure to check out the National Parks website to see each of the areas mentioned.**


  • Old Faithful
  • Geyser Hill
  • Norris Geyser Basin
  • Paint Pots



“Did you see Old Faithful?!”

That is the most common question we received after our visit to Yellowstone, and to that we can say “YES!”


We were up before dawn during all of our days at Yellowstone to make sure we saw all the sights we wanted to, and that includes Old Faithful. Old Faithful did erupt on time and it was so cool to see her in person! With coming so early, we were able to get a great view and were there with a few people to experience the magic.

Early morning long shadows


Morning Glory Spring

Geyser Hill was incredible and we loved it! There were so many different types of geysers and we enjoyed seeing each one and learning more about them.

While there were obviously geysers, hot springs were also a big attraction in this area as well.


There were so many geysers! This trail loop is about a mile long and the start is at Old Faithful herself. It’s a fairly easy walk and full of insightful information!


View of Old Faithful from Geyser Hill

Paint Pots


We don’t have any great pictures of the Paint Pots, but they were definitely one of our favorite things! Seeing mud bubble just brings a different type of joy. 😉




This area held more geysers, just more spread out and in the open. It felt more like a field of geysers more than anything else.

We found some shade!
Such a beautiful morning.


We had two campsites while in Yellowstone. Our favorite one was earlier in our trip. We loved all of the trees and how peaceful the area was.


Our first day was full of sights and lots of driving, but we enjoyed every second and can’t wait to go back!

Want to see more? Check out our YouTube channel for our “home videos” and footage of our Yellowstone trip!

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Much love,

Chelsea + Zach

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