Fort Stevens and Fort Clatsop – 2018

Our Oregon adventure included a semi-coastal fort and Lewis & Clark’s fort.

One place Zach has been wanting to go for a while is Fort Clatsop, Lewis & Clark’s winter fort close to the Pacific Coast.

Our signature entrance sign picture. 

This past weekend we enjoyed running around the small ethnographic museum to learn more about the party who scouted out this area for the US government in 1805.

Do I look like Lewis?
Zach being Clark.

We enjoyed the small museum and the site surrounding. It featured a replica of the fort, a summer kitchen, and a view of the Columbia River which Lewis & Clark canoed down.

We also enjoyed fall camping! This time we came prepared with a reserved camping spot and all of our gear! (The last couple of times we had forgotten things, so this was a bit of an accomplishment for us.)

My first time lighting my JetBoil Burner on my own! 

We enjoyed camping once we got our firewood, as it was rainy and cold and the warmth was welcomed. We did make coffee and rice in our burners until we could make a fire though, and we enjoyed using our new tools!

Our little campsite pre-firewood.

This weekend we also enjoyed seeing the Pacific Ocean by way of Fort Stevens . We loved seeing the jetty with all the people fishing and exploring the area.

Pacific Ocean

The Ocean was beautiful but a bit choppy since the summer months are over.

Us with the jetty.
Birds were chirping the whole time.

On the inland side from the jetty, a small meadow with lots of grasses held abundant wildlife like birds and small animals.

We also went down to a shipwreck that happened in 1906.

Us with the shipwreck.
Zach at Fort Stevens

We also went to the fort and encampment! It had built up earthen walls and was built in 1859. The fort was in use until the end of WWII as airpower became the weapon of choice and similar forts could be seen from the sky.

We enjoyed this weekend trip and loved that there was so much to do at these parks even though they were small in size. We feel like we learned a lot and got to enjoy a little slice of Oregon in the Autumn.

Much love,



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