Heybrook Lookout Trail – 2019

We’ve been trying to explore more of the popular trails recently

With it being January, we figured there would be less people on these more popular trails, and so far we have been right!

Hike Information:

Location: Central Cascades, Stevens Pass, Washtington

Length: 3.8 Miles, round trip

Elevation Gain: 850 ft.

Difficulty: Easy

Tips: Get here early in the morning to get a parking spot and enjoy the lookout before it gets too crowded.

The most recent trail we have hiked is the Heybrook Lookout Trail. We found this one on the Washington Trail Association’s website, which has been super helpful in hell ping us plan for day hiking!


We started off the day by driving through the dense fog in the valley, and made it to the trailhead at about 8:30am.

Side note: We stumbled upon one of the filming locations for Harry and the Hendersons!

2019-01-27 11.08.27 1.jpg

Most of the trail was in a thick mist, which was absolutely beautiful and made the forest seem magical.


We reached a small open spot towards the end of the trail where we emerged from the clouds. From then on it was a short distance to the lookout tower, where the mountains truly showed off for us.


The view was incredible! After thinking the view would be obscured by the clouds, it was such a wonderful surprise to see the mountains and the sunshine!

2019-01-27 11-1.08.26 1.jpg
So perfect.
2019-01-27 11.08.22 1.jpg
Enjoying the view.

2019-01-27 11.08.25 1.jpg

2019-01-27 11.08.19 1.jpg
In the lookout tower




We really enjoyed this hike and would love to come back during another season! I bet the Fall is beautiful.


Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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