Our New Home – 2018

This past year we moved into a new apartment!

It is a major step up from our 225 square foot studio apartment we lived in during our first year in Seattle. Our new place has separate living spaces, balconies (2!), and even a fireplace. Since moving here, we have basically started from scratch with decorating because we got rid of everything before we moved across the country.

We have really loved this time of looking for furniture together! When we first got married, we knew we were probably moving in the next couple of years, so we just took whatever free furniture we could find. It was all comfortable, but there is something special about buying your own items, even if they are thrift… it’s something picked out together.



For our home I wanted to keep our colors really simple by keeping them in a similar color range. Choosing a color palette has helped so much in being selective in the items I buy and put in our home. Before, I would get really overwhelmed with choices and designs, and this has helped me to fine-tune what I like.

For our home, I chose:

  • deep indigo (with other variations of a similar blue) as our accent color
  • black matte for metals
  • darker brown stain for items made of wood or with wood accents
  • Light tan for baskets, pillows and curtains



For our “Home-style”, I decided to take the things Zach and I enjoy and just put them together. I love the mixing of mid-century style furniture with a little hippie feel, so that is what really inspired a lot of what we bought or made. It may sound a bit haphazard to decorate this way, but I have found that I love having our home feel like a museum of our lives more than I like a put-together look. However, choosing a color palette really helps our home feel more cohesive.

The macramé hanging was used as a backdrop for our cake cutting in our wedding.

We had quite a bit of homemade items in our wedding, so we were able to incorporate these items into our home as well. Having these items makes our home feel more cozy and gives it an “artifact” feel for our home, knowing that these exact items were in our wedding constantly brings me warm, happy, thoughts.

Our dining area
A great example of small details we love: an engagement picture, a rock Zach brought home from Chad, Africa, and a bronze Pegasus that we really like.


The view from the kitchen.
Our sweet kitchen.
I am so thankful for our counter space and four burner stove!
Plants from friends and the Volunteer Park Conservatory, paintings I made of Zach and I during our engagement, and an embroidery piece my mother made us as a wedding gift.
Our travel wall is always a staple in our decorating. We also love our couch we got from Joybird (it folds out into a bed!), and our TV stand that we found at a random consignment shop.

I have really grown to love our home. It feels like an oasis full of memories and inside jokes about us, and I love how people can just come in our home and learn about us. I really enjoy our home more and more these days.

Much love,



Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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