A Sunday Drive to Mt. Rainer

On the weekends we really enjoy getting out of the city and exploring the quiet areas around Seattle.

This past Sunday, we drove out to the Northwest corner of Mt. Rainier National Park. The drive is about 2.5 hours from Seattle to this section of the park, and has some beautiful scenery on the way there.

BigFoot Java – Marionberry latte

As always, we stopped at BigFoot Java for some coffee for our drive out of town. Zach always gets the Nutty Yeti, but I’ve been known to change things up from time to time. 🙂 BigFoot Java is our favorite coffee hut in the Seattle area because they are consistent and the employees are always so sweet.

Since it is still early in our Spring season here in the PNW, we knew that there would be snow at Mt. Rainier itself, but what we didn’t expect was how lush everything was at lower elevations!



There was so much green! The moss was thick and rich, the trees were all thriving, and there were so many new green growths all over the under story. It is so beautiful this time of year!

One of the main reasons why we decided to explore this area of the park, was because of a bridge that crosses a ravine.


The bride only holds one car at a time, and is the most PNW bridge I think I have seen in person. Haha!


The river was also a sight to behold as it was a pale green color from silt and the greenery about. So peaceful.

We also took some time to look at the river up close and found some fool’s gold flakes! Zach loved sifting through the sand to find as many as he could. It was so much fun!


We did all of this on a Sunday, we didn’t have to leave our house too early, and we made it back to the city before our 5pm church service. A perfect day.


Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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