Walla Walla – 2019

We had a great long weekend in Eastern Washington.

For Zach’s birthday weekend, we were able to explore some of the sights of the east side of Washington by going to Walla Walla, Washington.

Walla Walla, Washington

We enjoyed the cute little college town by walking around getting ice cream, thrift shopping, and getting breakfast.

Chelsea’s breakfast at The Maple Counter.

Walla Walla has the main street area that seems to be the main hub for shopping and similar activities. It is a cute little college town that is home to many of the states’ wineries. It was a fun place to spend an afternoon!

Zach’s Birthday Dinner!


Lewis and Clark Trail State Park

Zach and I also wanted to see some of the sights out of town so we camped at Lewis and Clark Trail State Park and enjoyed our first camping trip of the season!

our campsite for the weekend!



Lewis and Clark State Park is really just a camping area next to the river that Lewis and Clark followed to get back East. It was a nice place to camp and has sites that can be reserved, which was perfect for such a busy time of year. Our site was somewhat close to the river which was nice for walking next to and provided a place for kids to play.

We had a great time camping out. Zach made steaks and corn on the cob for dinner, we read in our tent, and we jumped around in the bunches of cotton fluffs that fell from the trees.



So many cotton fluffs!

Lyons Ferry State Park

This park is on the way to Palouse Falls from Walla Walla. It is a great stop to have a picnic, hammock, or swim! We enjoyed a nice afternoon nap and a late lunch here.


The park right next to a large driving bridge and a railroad bridge that looks straight out of a Wild West movie. It was so cool!

A view of the park from the driving bridge crossing the river.



We had a great trip enjoying Southeastern Washington and hope to go back again! It was nice to enjoy different scenery and terrain for a while. We also had the opportunity to explore the Whitman Mission National Historic Site, which you can read about in another post for more detailed information.






I think we really just enjoyed driving around the area the most. We loved driving through the farm country turned dry desert land turned plateaus. It was such a surreal place to be and we really enjoyed every minute.

Thanks for following along!

Much love.


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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