TreeHouse Point – 2019

This year our anniversary trip was a surprise!

This year our anniversary landed on a Thursday night, and since we had used most of our time off on a trip down south, we knew that a long vacation was out of the question. This year, we went out to dinner, and Zach planned a surprise weekend get-away for us.

I am the worst person to try to surprise because I love solving puzzles and mysteries, so Zach has a pretty hard time surprising me! He pulled it off though, and I had no idea that we were going back to TreeHouse Point!

We first visited TreeHouse Point on our honeymoon 4 years ago, so it was really sweet to be back in a place where we first got married.

Site Information:

Location: Issaquah,  Washington.

Distance from Seattle: About 30 minutes

Cost: Varies on length of stay and tree house chosen.

Please Note: Spots fill up fast when making reservations and are usually only available with a minimum of 2 nights. Zach has been watching the website for a while and found a weekend where they were offering one-night stays.

The Grounds

TreeHouse Point is made up of a plot of land that has a lodge area for communal gathering, a studio building for yoga classes and events, 6 tree houses, one bathroom building, and a river that runs through the property.




The grounds are well kept and are easy to navigate. There are gravel trails that are easy to follow and small signs everywhere. It is such a lush and beautiful place!




A view of the bathhouse with Trillium behind.



 The Lodge

The main building at THP is the Inn or the Lodge. This is where guests check in and out, browse the gift shop, and eat breakfast. The Lodge has games and books that can be borrowed, as well as other little items to use. Guests can borrow coolers, wine glasses, wine openers, trays, and smores kits to use in the fire place or the fire pit.



It is themed like a cozy woodland lodge, has plenty of comfy seating, and a large table for breakfast in the morning

Our Treehouse – The Nest

The tree house we stayed in this trip was the “Nest”. It was so cute!


Our tree house was one room with a bed, two reading chairs, a small table, an end table, and a nook. The little nook had mugs, a hot water kettle, towels, tea and coffee, and a guest book. I love all the little details of THP, it really gives me something to work towards as a hostess! It’s so nice that they thought of everything!


The little chairs made me want to sit by the picture window and just read a book. It was such a cozy space, especially since the weather was cool and rainy, it made it feel even cozier.


Another sweet detail, they put out a small card for our anniversary, and put out truffles each morning for guests in the tree houses. So cute!


Morning coffee in the trees!



The Nest was so cute and cozy. I really liked having the little porch outside. The one we stayed in last time didn’t have a little porch, and I think it added some whimsy to our visit. We could drink out coffee and watch the birds in the trees. It doesn’t get much more magical.


The breakfast was phenomenal. Not only was it delicious, but it was all made from scratch. The cooks were so kind and thoughtful of guests needs and accommodated for all the dietary restrictions the guests had. I am lactose-intolerant and they made me special scrambled eggs, muffins, and tostada. They really went above and beyond in serving their guests and it really made us feel special.


Only a few of the items on the breakfast menu! We had fresh breads, jams, honeys, scrambled eggs, muffins, quiches, and fruit. It was so wonderful!


Final Thoughts

I am not really much of a resort person. I like the idea of all inclusive, but the crowds and large masses of people tend to overwhelm me. TreeHouse Point tends to combine the best of both worlds. There are only ever 14 people total who can stay on the property, and they have to be over the age of 13 years old. The staff is so friendly, helpful, and kind. Hands down, my favorite part of visiting is all the little details they think of for your stay. It is a great place for a truly relaxing weekend, and I can’t wait to come back to visit again.

10/10 would recommend.

Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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