2020 Quick Recap

Well, last year was something wasn’t it? There were so many changes, so much hurt, and yet there was still joy. Last year Zach and I had lots of plans that never came to fruition. There was hurt and loneliness, fear and stress, and yet, here we are. We made it to 2021.

Last year Zach and I both started working from home. We both were abruptly pulled from our offices and started working in our living room. After almost a full year, I am happy to announce that it finally feels normal!

While it feels normal, there is still sadness in that which was lost with all of the events of last year. We cancelled trips, goals were set aside, the overall stress was hard for a while. However, the year was also full of growth for both of us!

We learned how to be together 24/7, and still love each other in the process. We started new hobbies and went on a social distanced road trip. We have loved getting to know our Seattle neighborhood and our community here as well.

2020 was hard, but good. This post is fairly vague, but in the next few weeks I will share more photos and posts about our adventures last year, and those this year, even if they look a little different than we had expected.

Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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