Chelsea’s 2021 Goals

We are on to 2021!

Well, 2020 came and went. Some goals were reached, some were abandoned, and some were completely forgotten about until about October. What a weird year!

This year, in the hope of 2021, I have created new goals. Some are from 2020 with the hope of trying again, and some are brand new! Let’s go!


  • Pay off car loan or student loan
  • Reusable razor (metal vs plastic)
  •  Beeswax paper in place of plastic wrap
  • Liquid soap tablets vs plastic bottles


  • Paint weekly-ish
  • Music Jar: New artist a week
  • Learn to make pretty sugar cookies from scratch
  • Read 12 books


  • Eat for nutrients
  • Find a skin routine
    • Cleansing — Washing your face. 
    • Toning — Balancing the skin.
    • Moisturizing — Hydrating and softening the skin.


  • Daily reading of the Bible with Zach.
  • Love and invest in my community

Roller Skating:

  • Learn to spin
  • Drop in a bowl
  • Moonwalk without toe stops

I am excited to see how this year goes with new attainable goals. What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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