Crater Lake National Park 2020

A calm day at the lake, on top of a mountain?

In 2020 we had to travel for Zach’s work. This created an opportunity to check out Crater Lake National Park! This park had been on our list in a while, but since it is located in Southern Oregon it is just barely out of reach for a quick weekend trip.

The park was so quiet, we only saw about 30 people the whole day. We drove around the rim and we couldn’t get over how blue the water is!

The park as a road that goes around the whole rim with stops for view points, a couple trails, and a couple roads that go to various fields. We stopped by the pumice fields as well!

View of the pumice field and surrounding mountains

All the buildings were closed for sitting in, so we grabbed lunch at the visitor center and ate on our car. It was perfect weather for a picnic!

We really loved getting to enjoy the park to ourselves. I have had this park on my Bucket List for a while, and am so thankful we were able to make the trip. It is worth the drive!

Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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