Grand Canyon 2021

We were able to check off one of the greatest natural wonders of the world off the Bucket List this year!

In April, we were able to meet up with Chelsea’s family in Flagstaff, Arizona for a once in a lifetime trip. We went to a few parks, including Grand Canyon National Park.

Entering from the south, we went to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center first, then walked to Verkamp’s Visitor Center.

We spent a full day exploring the Southern Rim, learning about the plants and geology, and taking in all of the breathtaking beauty the canyon has to offer. There are so many trails, however we picked the Trail of Time. This trail is a paved rim trail that was about a mile and a half. It was lovely to walk along the side of the canyon and get to see it the whole time on the trail.

At the Verkamp’s Visitor Center, there were places for snacks and gift shops. I loved getting to have a coffee and look at this view for a bit.

If we ever go again, we would like to hike into the canyon and stay overnight. There are some trails that lead to a shelter/cabin where you can stay for one night before heading back up. Maybe we could do that in a few years.

We ended our day at Yaki Point and watched the sunset. It was quite windy, but lovely to sit and enjoy the view for an hour or two.

The sunset was incredible. We were really thankful for the clear skies!

It was such fun getting to see such an incredible natural landmark. I had no idea the actual size of the canyon until we walked up on it. It is definitely an experience best to happen in person, as photos could just never do it justice.

Have you been to the Grand Canyon? What trails have you done there?

Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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