PNW Sunsets Worth Remembering

Few things thrill me more than sunsets, tbh.

The Pacific Northwest is known for the mountains, hikes, and wildlife. However one of the things that struck me while living there were the sunsets. After experiencing so many days of rain, clouds, and darkness the sunsets really became treasures to me. Like the flowers that would bloom, the sunsets seemed to be so joyful and provided so much hope. I tried to take pictures of them all so that I could reflect on them during those cold winter months when the sunshine was so rare.

I hope these provide a little light for you today, or at least seem beautiful. They are some of my favorite things!

Edmonds Beach – July
San Juan Islands Ferry – July
Edmonds, view from house – May
Seattle View of Mt. Rainier – June
Edmonds Pier – July
Ferry – July
Seattle – March
Seattle – March
Edmonds – February
Edmonds Beach/Ferry Terminal – April
Edmonds – May
Seattle – June
Edmonds – February
Downtown Seattle – February

Downtown Bus View – March

South Lake Union – March

Sunsets in Seattle are one of my favorite things, I hope you have enjoyed a few of them here!

Much Love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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