Mount St. Helens National Park – 2022

Another trip to Mount St. Helens!

This June Chelsea’s parents came to visit and we went off to Mount St. Helens! (For a full detailed rundown of the park, be sure to check out this earlier post!)

We had a bit of a cloudy morning but once we drove past the first Visitor Center the skies opened up for some spectacular views!

The first pull off right after the first (of three!) visitor center, has an incredible view! It is incredible to see Mt. St. Helens in comparison with the surrounding mountains and valleys.

In my opinion clouds always make mountains look more interesting. The really help add perspective to how vast mountains are. I love how these look with Mount St. Helens.

After that first pull off we went to the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Visitor Center and Museum, and then onward to the National Park itself.

This view from the National Park look out is hard to beat. Visitors get a great view of the crater and the sandblast zone.

Some grasses and wildflowers are making their way back to the ecosystem. While still very sparse, they add so much life to the area.

Mount St. Helens is truly breathtaking and always worth the drive out. The varying landscapes in one area are so interesting. We always enjoy learning about all the different stories about the event and the subsequent scientific discoveries.

Much Love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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