We Bought a House!

Woohoo! We have the best news EVER!

This year has included many changes in our life, but one of the biggest is that we bought a house! We have some photos to share, and we made a video too! After quite a bit of thought we decided to move from the PNW back home to Louisiana. There are many reasons for this, the main one being that we really wanted to own our home. The PNW couldn’t offer this to us due to the housing market, but our home state did so this summer we went for it!

After making the decision in January, we started searching for homes that fit out budget and what we wanted in a home.

Our Home List:

3 Bed/ 2 Bath

Apartment life during COVID taught us exactly how much space we need at home. For the life we have and the life we want, this was the ideal amount of space.

Large Windows

After 5 years in Seattle, we are ready for all the sunshine all the time! Since we had a few more options with moving, large windows made it on our “Must-Have” list.

Large yard

Even with a huge budget one thing the PNW couldn’t provide us was a large yard. We want a big vegetable garden and pollinator garden so a large yard was a must have!


The Summer in the South is extremely hot, but the Autumn, Winter, and Spring can be lovely. Chelsea really wanted a shaded space with a fan for sitting outside even when weather isn’t perfectly ideal.

Fixer Upper

The housing market is insane, even in Louisiana. We knew this going into house searching so we knew if we could find a good house with potential, we would be willing to put in the time and money to make it ours. New builds tend to be top of budget with poor craftsmanship and no budget left for fun projects, so a fixer upper aligned with what we were looking for.

The Before Photos

This July we closed on a home that has everything on our list! We are so thankful for our realtor who helped us decided on this home remotely. He was super helpful by sending us videos and photos whenever we asked and was super transparent about the shape of the house. Thank you KC!

These are the photos from the before we bought and before we moved in!

We were drawn to this house for a few reasons, but mostly because it looked like it hadn’t been updated or flipped. Most of the houses in our area for sale were flipped houses, and we wanted to do the updating ourselves. We like our decision 😉

Our New Home

We are so excited to own our first home together and build it up into something amazing.

Since we moved to our house in August we have already made a few updates, but here are some photos of when we first moved in!

Our backyard has a small section of grassy lawn, and a HUGE portion of bamboo growing in the back. Send us all your tips for defeating bamboo! We’ve already made progress by cutting back all the vines and bushes close to the house.

Chelsea has been working to chip off the front tile since it was broken and uneven.

The morning after we moved in with boxes all over! We were excited to finally be home! This is a view into the entryway then the Livingroom from the Dining room.

Livingroom view from the front entryway.

Our house was built in the 1950s and has minimal updates. We have a pink bathroom (above) and a green bathroom (below).

The bathrooms have gas heaters that require a manual light.

This is one of the bedrooms! The windows throughout the house are all this size except the Livingroom which has bigger windows.

The blinds in all the windows except the livingroom are all original with the house. They were made of wood and cloth.

After three weeks Chelsea had most of the items put away!

We love the archways in the front of the house, and the amount of space. It feels so big compared to our apartments before.

We were so excited to see that the house had a separate Dining Room. Most houses are open concept and are built that way or have had the walls taken out. The idea of separate spaces is one we love for our home.

Zach started working on the windows in our future bedroom. The whole house has beautiful trim and details that are so cool!

We are loving all the sun beams in our home. These shadows are from our Oak Trees outside.

We are excited to share our home updates as we go, so be sure to check in often to see how those go. 🙂 Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see everything play out!

What do you think? Do you have any tips/advice/resources for us? Please let us know your favorite Home Renovation resources, we would love to check them out!

Thank you for coming along on this new adventure. We are excited to share this part of our lives with you!

Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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