Happy Flowers Worth Saving

I have collected a virtual bouquet of flowers I have enjoyed this past year!

I hope you are having a lovely Christmas season and that these flowers bring a little joy to your day!

Much love,


Happy Halloween!

Our 2022 Halloween was delayed, but I wanted to share our costumes anyway.

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PNW Sunsets Worth Remembering

Few things thrill me more than sunsets, tbh.

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Lent 2018- A Time of Fasting

Going into this time of Lent, there have been some difficult questions that have been asked.

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Chelsea’s 29th Birthday

Some thoughts on turning 29 and reflections on 28.

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12 Books in 2021

For 2021, I wanted to try to read 12 books. Last year I really enjoyed reading more and wanted to continue the trend into the new year.

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Music Jar 2021

In order to broaden my music tastes, I tried listening to a new artist each week of 2021.

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