Chelsea’s 29th Birthday

Some thoughts on turning 29 and reflections on 28.

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12 Books in 2021

For 2021, I wanted to try to read 12 books. Last year I really enjoyed reading more and wanted to continue the trend into the new year.

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Music Jar 2021

In order to broaden my music tastes, I tried listening to a new artist each week of 2021.

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Chelsea’s New Year Resolutions 2019: Update

This year I made resolutions with goals for this past year. This is how it went.

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Advent – A Time of Longing

The Christmas season has come! The lights are up, the candy is made, and we are in the midst of parties and gatherings.

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Jonas Brothers: Happiness Begins Tour 2019

After waiting for 13 years, I finally got to see the Jonas Brothers in concert!

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