Yellowstone National Park: Day 4

Our fourth day in Yellowstone brought wildlife, relaxing, and even more sights!

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Yellowstone National Park: Day 3

On the third day in Yellowstone we got to get up close and personal with more hot springs!

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Yellowstone National Park: Day 2

Our second day in Yellowstone was filled with traditional sight-seeing and mild mountain climbing!

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Our Road Trip Itinerary 2017

This past summer we spent two weeks to get from Louisiana to Seattle, Washington. This was our first prolonged road trip together and we not only survived, but we had a wonderful time! We wanted to hit up as many national parks as we could on our first road trip together, and we felt like we definitely accomplished that goal in this trip.

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Rocky Mountain National Park (2017)

Rocky Mountain National Park actually never crossed my radar until Zach mentioned it to me. I am so glad he mentioned it because it is now one of my favorite national parks.

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Great Sand Dunes National Park 

Sun, sand, and… mountains?

This past August (2017) we moved across the country from Louisiana to Washington state. On the way up we decided to turn a 35 hour trip into a 2 week long road trip to different national parks. Our first park was Great Sand Dunes National Park.

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