Advent – A Time of Longing

The Christmas season has come! The lights are up, the candy is made, and we are in the midst of parties and gatherings.

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Backpacking Lake Stuart, Washington

Zach and I went on our first backpacking trip ever with some friends!

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Chelsea’s Family Visits Washington

Chelsea’s side of the family got to visit for a fun summer vacation in the PNW!

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Fort Stevens and Fort Clatsop – 2018

Our Oregon adventure included a semi-coastal fort and Lewis & Clark’s fort.

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Skyline Trail – Mt. Rainier National Park

What an incredible week! We had my sister visit from down south and were able to show her around our favorite places, and discover some new ones.

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We Love National Parks

Every time Zach and I enter a new national park in the US we always take a picture by the big park sign. My family always did it when we went to the parks, and it’s something that I am so glad Zach and I do now.

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