Camping at Lake Wenatchee

July 4th is the perfect weekend for lake swimming, cookouts, and enjoying time together.

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Our 6th Anniversary

Six whole years of marriage!

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Seattle Ice Cream Tour – Chelseal of Approval

I love ice cream. It has been my favorite dessert for years, far ahead of cake and pretty close to chocolate chip cookies.

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A Sunday Drive to Mt. Rainer

On the weekends we really enjoy getting out of the city and exploring the quiet areas around Seattle.

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Skyline Trail – Mt. Rainier National Park

What an incredible week! We had my sister visit from down south and were able to show her around our favorite places, and discover some new ones.

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Twin Peaks Day

“Diane, 11:30 AM, February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks.” -Detective Cooper

We finally finished watching Twin Peaks! We had visit Snoqualmie Falls last year and noticed all of the Twin Peaks memorabilia before we realized the show was partially filmed there. After noticing all the goodies we decided to watch the show.

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