Hello! We are Zach and Chelsea, the couple behind Adventures with the Yells.

We first met in 2012 in undergrad and then married in 2015. After living in Louisiana for two years, we made the leap to Seattle, Washington for 5 years and have since returned.

While we love to hike, camp, and explore as a couple, we are definitely not experts in any way. We love adventuring and just wanted to find a way to share more about them with friends and family… which is how we came up with this space!

This blog is just a space for us to share our new adventures in all aspects of life: trips, our home, and really anything else we want to share. Basically, we see this as an interactive photo album for our lives together.

Adventures with the Yells doesn’t have much of a focus besides us; the Yells. Feel free to follow along on our adventures and tell us about your own!

Much love.

Chelsea + Zach


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