Chelsea’s 30 Before 30

30 goals by my 30th birthday.

As some of you may know, I have been writing a blog dedicated to encouragement and positivity. With the start of this new blog, I (Chelsea) want to keep focused on mine and Zach’s adventures. On my other blog, I mentioned having 30 goals before turning 30 years old. I felt that it was needed to share those goals here as well. The following post was originally posted on

I recently read a post about a woman who recently turned 30 years old and was very enthusiastic about the new decade in her life. She wrote a post about 40 things she wanted to accomplish in 10 years before her 40th birthday.

Since we have moved, I have been wanting to try new things and discover more about myself and this has been a bit overwhelming. So when I saw her list I was pretty excited myself! I have 6 more years until I am 30 and figured that setting some goals could help me to be on track for this new stage of life and self-discovery. Putting things into writing helps keep me accountable and on track for goals, so here we are.

Here are my 30 before 30.

30 BEFORE 30

  1. Go snorkeling.
  2. Get a nose ring. 9/2018
  3. Learn to surf.
  4. Make the perfect vegan mac & cheese. 9/2018
  5. Go to Alaska.
  6. Go snowshoeing.
  7. Buy hiking boots. 3/2018
  8. Start/finish adoption paperwork.
  9. Hike the Wonderland Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park.
  10. See a West Coast sunset. 2/2020
  11. Host a cute, classy, Galentine’s brunch.
  12. Go on another USA road trip . 5/2020
  13. Visit somewhere in Asia.
  14. Learn to have a green thumb. 2019
  15. Get another tattoo. 5/2019
  16. Buy a house. 7/2022
  17. Find time to regularly have “creative time” for painting, writing, sewing, etc. 2/2019
  18. Learn how to bake bread. 4/2020
  19. Go to a Comicon. 3/2019
  20. Find a job/career I enjoy. 5/2020
  21. Renew my passport
  22. Dye my hair ombre. 2/2018
  23. Go to Europe.
  24. Retake couples pictures. 11/2018
  25. Go kayaking. 9/2019
  26. Hike up a mountain. 9/2017
  27. Visit Portland. 1/2018
  28. Write a creative short-story. 6/2022
  29. Host a Friends-giving. 11/2019
  30. Start composting regularly. 12/2018

I may not blog about every single thing, but I will try to break down the goals by time. I have 3 more months in this year (2017) and there are some things I know I can finish by New Years.

30 before 30 (1).png

2017 GOALS

  • Hike up a mountain (#26)

Do you have any goals? What are they? How are you taking steps to accomplish these goals?

Much love.


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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