Amarillo, Texas – 2017

On  the first day of our road trip we stopped in Amarillo, TX. We stopped here for a couple of reasons, mostly being that we needed to rest before moving on to the next stretch of road, but also as a last hoo-rah in the South and Texas in general.

So that is what we did! We ended up going to Cadillac Ranch and eating at a kitchy Route 66 steak place.

Cadillac Ranch

So Cadillac Ranch is an interesting thing. On Instagram it looks magical and wonderful, but in person it was magical in a different way. More of a this is definitely vandalism and a very muddy place type-of-way.

Zach and I had brought some old spray paint with us and had a great time trying to paint our way into “Texas History”.


There was a bit more trash than I was expecting, but it was still a fun road-side stop to make, especially on a road trip through Texas when stops are hard to come by.


After a quick stop by our AirBnB and short shopping trip to Wal-Mart we went to a Texas landmark.

The Big Texan

Call me crazy, but I loved this place! It truly reminded me of road trips I took with my family when I was younger to South Dakota. There was intense Western theming inside complete with mason jars as cups and cowhide on the wall.

Not only was the theming super fun, but the food was incredible. Zach and I both got steaks and I still dream about it sometimes. Crazy, but true!


I hope when we get older and have a family that this place is still in Texas because I so want to add those memories to a family album someday. 🙂


We had a great 24 hours in Amarillo and can’t wait to drive back through someday soon!

Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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