Tips for Aspiring Hikers

In the last couple of years, Zach and I have really enjoyed getting outdoors. We have especially loved hiking and meeting the challenges of being beginners in this area.


Get a good set of hiking boots/trainers

It is so hard to hike without good shoes, let me tell ya. When we hiked up Avalanche Peak in 2017, I had on tennis shoes with no grip left on them. Looking back this is not only a silly decision, but potentially dangerous as well. Make sure you pick the right shoes for the type of hiking you want to do. Be sure to ask a professional for help when shopping. The staff at most outdoor stores, especially REI, are knowledgeable and so helpful in helping you find the best boot or shoe for your particular needs.


Look up helpful blogs/websites

One thing about trying new trails and being in new places is that expectations may be different than reality. To help keep expectations more realistic, try looking up blogs about hikes and trails, as well as Instagram locations. This way you can view multiple perspectives about the same hike. I always check Washington Trails Association for the latest updates on trail maintenance and weather conditions. It helps to know if a trail is washed out before you get there!


Just do it

As cheesy as it sounds, the best way to get better at hiking is to just hike. Getting out there whenever you can is the best way to build-up strength, endurance, and confidence in your hiking ability. Everyone starts out somewhere, and that “somewhere” is the trailhead. You got this!

Much love,


Author: Chelsea Yell

I write for fun and to keep up with memories I make with others.

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